Immigration law is a complex area, due to the fact that the immigration laws themselves are extremely intricate and undergo changes on a daily basis. Attorney Rupal Parikh provides her clients with a full-service employment-based, immigration legal services including both Immigrant Visas (“green cards”) and Nonimmigrant (temporary) Visas. We also provide our corporate clients with legal services in conducting due diligence and risk assessment for immigration purposes, including I-9 Employment Compliance/Employer Sanctions.
In addition, Attorney Parikh also provide comprehensive representation in  family-based, naturalization, consular and removal defense matters.

Our clients include, medium, and small businesses engaged in the international transfer of foreign employees, including executives, managers, and other highly skilled professionals as well as individuals seeking to unite with family members.

Business Immigration

Family Immigration


Removal & Deportation

Student Visas

Religious Visas