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Immigration Forms Papers and USCISIn this resources page compiled by immigration attorney Rupal Aristimuno, you will find useful information to educate you on the immigration laws and regulations of the United States.

As you inform yourself about how to visit, work, and live in the United States, please know that the process of entering and living in the U.S. is very complex.

A vast body of immigration laws govern who may enter, work, and reside in the US. Furthermore, immigrants and visitors also face many immigration administrative regulations, forms, and procedures that must be followed with utmost precision.

Attorney Rupal Aristimuno is an immigration lawyer with expert knowledge of the immigration laws of the United States. She is also an expert in the intricacies of immigration forms, regulations, and procedures.

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Filing the wrong immigration forms, providing incorrect or incomplete information, presenting wrong documents, or paying the wrong fees can result in delays, denials, and even detention and deportation.

Even after your application is filed, the process can take years to complete and may require continuous communication with USCIS.

You will need assistance in this process. We can help you.

We provide the following resources to help you inform yourself on the many ways to enter, visit, work, and live in the United States.

As you navigate these resources, you may find yourself deciding whether you can file for yourself. You may also ask how you can get professional help from an immigration law expert.

Who can help me?

“Only attorneys or accredited representatives can give you legal advice about which forms to submit, explain immigration options you may have, communicate with USCIS about your case.” USCIS

Should you hire an immigration attorney?

The benefits of hiring a qualified immigration lawyer are many.

It is better to be prepared and do it right from the beginning. It is not good, easy, or cheap to reverse applications that are submitted with problems.

Whatever you decide, we recommend you read the following articles from USCIS. Then make an informed decision.

If you decide to hire an expert immigration lawyer, you know you can call Attorney Rupal and speak with her right away!

From U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

How to Avoid Immigration Scams!
Common Scams (Such as notarios, local businesses,web sites, lotteries)
Fight Notario Fraud

Resources from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)


Check my immigration case status
Processing Times for Field Offices and Regional Service Centers (USA)
Tiempo de Tramitación de Inmigracion (Oficinas y Centros de Servicio en USA)
Ver el Estatus Actual de mi Caso de Inmigracion(en español)
Immigration Resources from USCIS
Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants
Citizenship and Naturalization Resources
Family-based Immigration Resources
Green-Cards (Permanent Residence)
Refugee & Asylum Resources
Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
Battered Spouses, Children, Parents Resources
Adoption Resources
Military Members Resources
E-Verify for Employees
FOIA Requests Processing Times

U.S. Department of State


International Travel Information
Emergency Situations (US Citizens Overseas)
Foreign Entry Requirements for Traveling Overseas
Visa Information (For non-US citizens)
Visitor Visa Information
Student Visa Information
Work-related Visa Information
Immigrating to the US
U.S. Embassy and Consulate Information
Visa Bulletin
Visa Fees and Reciprocity Tables

Labor/Business Immigration Resources


Hiring Foreign Workers
I-9 Central Home
Prevailing Wage Information
The H-1B Visa Page
Employment and Training Administration
Employment Standards Administration
Dictionary of Occupational Titles
Occupational Outlook Handbook

Other Resources


IRS: W-7 taxpayer ID
Federal Register
Social Security Administration: Instructions on obtaining Social Security Card and Number
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (Driver License for Immigrants, Title, Registration)
Bureau of Customs and Border Protections
Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Department of Homeland Security
USA.GOV: Visitor’s Information

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