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Attorney Rupal Parikh Aristimuno, J.D., L.L.M, is an expert immigration lawyer, with over twelve years’ experience practicing immigration law. Her law firm helps individuals and families find the best ways to Motions to Reopen & Appeals. Her law firm is headquartered in Montclair, New Jersey, just 30 minutes from New York City. Attorney Rupal’s law firm offers client services nationwide, solving the immigration needs of individuals, families, and businesses.

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What is a motion to reopen and why should I file it?

Motion to Reopen is a special petition filed by immigration lawyer with the immigration court to reopen your old immigration case in order to go back to immigration court and apply for immigration case that should make you eligible for greencard.

If you had a recent deportation order or deportation order from years ago but never left the U.S. (or came back to the U.S. illegally) and you are now ready to apply for permanent residency in the U.S. based on marriage, employment, NACARA, or another case, its important to talk to immigration lawyer about reopening your immigration case with the immigration court that had ordered you deported.

Its also important to reopen your case to avoid being deported on a previous deportation order. If you had a deportation order from the past whether you knew about it or not, you can be deported anytime without opportunity to defend your immigration case before immigration judge.

Can I be deported if I had a deportation order from many years ago and now I am scheduled to appear at the immigration service office for an interview to get permanent residency based on marriage or other immigration case?

There are many instances when illegal immigrants had deportation order and went to the interview to 300 N Los Angeles immigration service office to get permanent residency in the U.S. and never came back home from the interview because they were arrested by deportation officers inside the building and were deported without a hearing with immigration judge on a previous deportation order.

If these people reopened their case before the interview with the immigration officer, they would have had a chance to fight for residency in the U.S. in the immigration court, but they never bothered to reopen their case and as a result got deported.

Immigration Attorney Rupal Parikh Aristimuno has extensive experience in solving even the most complex adjustment of status problems. She has worked extensively with individuals from all backgrounds to help achieve their goal of permanent residence in the U.S. She can work effectively with clients anywhere in the country.

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“Only attorneys or accredited representatives can give you legal advice about which forms to submit, explain immigration options you may have, and communicate with USCIS about your case.” USCIS

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